a vocabulary co-created by Montessori practitioners

The Montessori Glossary Community Project is an open community dedicated to knowledge equity, shared authority, and the co-creation of an open access vocabulary of Montessori terms. We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds, including practitioners, scholars, historians, social scientists, activists, coders, and more.

Our mission and vision

Through collective efforts across an interwoven network, we pursue our mission of co-constructing and maintaining an open access controlled vocabulary of Montessori terms. The Montessori Glossary is an evolving, iterative co-construction project grounded in shared knowledge and authority. As a controlled vocabulary of terms used to describe Montessori information resources, the glossary aims to serve as a companion to broad subject term vocabularies. Our mission is to improve discovery and access to Montessori resources whilst supporting Montessori educator competencies. We envision an international, multilingual linked data vocabulary of Montessori terms that enhances access to Montessori resources within cultural institutions, community archives, and Montessori teacher preparation programs. Leveraging Web 2.0 technologies, we endeavor to facilitate a participatory process that lifts up the multiplicity of diverse perspectives, meanings, and contexts. In the spirit of democratization and shared knowledge production, we seek to sustain a living vocabulary that is inclusive, culturally-sustaining, and multilingual.


The educational science, methodology, and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori keep revealing ‘new ‘insights that modern science is only now just (re)confirming, yet other elements of her work are more ‘time-bound’, some have evolved, or have the potential to evolve, into new areas of educational greatness. We encourage looking for inspiration in the work of peers and mentors of Montessori, as well as finding conformation in modern science. Especially in relation to the third and fourth planes, where Montessori’s work was far from complete. If anything, we read her work as an invitation for the generations following in her observing scientific and spiritual educational footsteps to continue discovering how best to help adolescents and young adults to become interdependent, listen to their inner guide, and be proactive members of the local and global community serving peace, equity, and mother earth with all their talents and abilities. This is a task of the community, and the community includes you. As such we welcome happy inspiration, valid critique, new sources, other points of view, and so on. The Montessori community thrives best when we aim to inspire each other in honour of the inspiration we all have found in Dr. Montessori’s work.

We are a small, emerging group of Montessori practitioners, scholars, archivists, and technologists interested in creating an open-access linked data vocabulary of Montessori terms. The Montessori Glossary is a work in progress and we welcome suggestions for new terms to be added or changes to be made within the vocabulary. A Montessori Glossary Editorial Community will oversee the upkeep of the vocabulary and will consider all proposed terms and changes on a quarterly basis. The Montessori Glossary Community Project is supported by the Center for Montessori Studies at the University of Hartford. The Editorial Community is an independent entity comprising of initial contributors Dr. Paige Bray, Bodeene Amyot Cairdeas, Rogier Dijk, Jeremy Donson, and Dr. Joshua Russell.